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My Journey:

I am a clinical social worker (MSW SUNY Stony Brook 1980) and have been a practicing psychotherapist for four decades. Early in my career I trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and worked in varied settings including substance abuse, chronic illness, and women’s health. I have also worked extensively with adolescents, young adults, and families. I treat people collaboratively in all stages of life, particularly during transitions. I can provide hope and tools for you, whether you are struggling with anxiety, mood relationship, or self-esteem issues, by creating a warm supportive environment where together we carefully explore feelings and the roots of their distress.

Over the years I have been simultaneously practicing yoga. I would often find myself in a yoga class learning mindfulness techniques and postures, thinking about how my clients could benefit from this particular lesson. I trained in the Krishnamacharya Yoga tradition in 2016. I am now able to bring this approach to my clients adding breathing, meditation, and sometimes a physical practice to the myriad of my tools as a therapist.

Personally I have strived to have a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. Choices we make on how we treat our physical body have a strong impact on mental health. Learning about the food-mood connection has been eye-opening. There is a growing dialogue regarding natural non-pharmacological approaches for depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress management, and sleep problems. I trained with Dr. Leslie Korn as a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider in 2019.

An interesting example of how these approaches can be integrated would be to consider treating anxiety. There can be many disappointments and frustrations, including relationship issues, combined with childhood and family issues that create trauma/illness and sleep disruption. These issues can cause stress (sometimes chronic stress) that can lead to changes in our emotional and physical systems. Combining talking to an experienced therapist, with breathwork and meditation, plus conscious diet choices (ie: increase healthy protein) can help address the different levels that the stress is happening. We can pick and choose which techniques you are comfortable with and ready for throughout the process.

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